Capturing the timeless moments,
that are here and gone in an instant.

Since a child, I have always enjoyed and looked for the small simple things. Some of those things are seen in a moment and gone..

Art and photography has always been a passion, since reading National Geographic Magazines as a child. Back then, I thought that was what I wanted to do. Life had other plans...

In the 70's I started competing in E.C.T.R.A. competive trail rides... I found that I missed having photos from the rides. So now that I am not riding, taking photos for others helps fill the void of no horse.. I get to be around a sport I enjoy and around some of the nicest people I know.

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I am not one to blog, but I might give it a try...

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I am only doing limited Equine events, you will find me at all Maine Rides in the Spring, Summer and Fall 2019. If your event is interested in my being there, please contact me.

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